Our Story


Teifi Valley Tregroes Waffles is a small, family run Bakery based in the beautiful rolling hills of the Teifi Valley, South-West Wales. We have been producing Waffles in the area for over 30 years using only the best ingredients, and they have quickly become a proud part of the local community. The First Night

Remember, remember the fifth of November…

It all started back in 1983 when Kees Huysmans, having baked a fresh supply of waffles at home in the small village of Tregroes and armed with his waffle iron and market stall, braved the cold on Bonfire night and took his newly invented recipe to be tried and tested on the hungry people of Henllan Railway. It was a surprisingly successful night, and it marked the beginning of the Tregroes Waffles story.

30 years later…

Long (hard) days selling waffles at markets, fairs, shows, and Victorian Nights all over Wales, and an unshakable confidence in the quality of our products, has led us, all these years later, to be producing up to 4,000 Waffles per hour and supplying most of the leading supermarkets throughout Wales, and some nationally. Due to increased demand, the bakery moved home in 1994 and is now based in the small town of Llandysul. We strive to support the local community where ever possible, and our workforce – the back bone of the business – is all employed from Llandysul and the surrounding area. As well as the national supermarkets, we supply a myriad of independent delicatessens, coffee shops, cafés, and corner shops within the Welsh Borders and beyond. We still attend some of the larger fairs and markets, where we often meet up with many familiar faces – our most loyal customers. We are very proud of our product, and we are constantly working to ensure that our Waffles are the best that they can be.